Resilience Rising - The Film
Resilience Rising - The Film

Film Synopsis

In the corner of Oregon balancing the border of Idaho, nestled among the rugged terrain of the Owyhee Canyonlands, a group of five black leaders embarked on a journey that would not only deepen their understanding of the environment but also ignite a fervor for both environmental advocacy and racial justice. As they traversed the untouched landscapes, each step echoed with the weight of history and the urgency of the present.

The group, consisting of entrepreneurs, activists, influencers, and artists, had come together with a shared purpose: to connect with the land and its stories, to learn from its wisdom, and to carry its message back to their communities. Their journey began at the edge of the canyon lands, rafting the Owhyee river and the sun painted the rocks in shades of gold. As they gazed out at the vast expanse before them, they knew that this place held the key to a deeper understanding of themselves and their role in the world.

Guided by local rafting guides, the group hiked the land, rafted class 2 – 5 rapids, and camped deep into the canyons. Along the way, they encountered diverse ecosystems teeming with life, from desert wildflowers to soaring eagles. Each member of the group found themselves humbled by the sheer beauty and resilience of the natural world, and inspired by the intricate balance that sustained it.

As they delved deeper into the canyon lands, they also delved deeper into conversations about the intersecting issues of environmental degradation and racial injustice. They shared stories of environmental racism and social in justices. They spoke of the ways in which Black communities had been disproportionately affected by environmental harm, and the urgent need for systemic change.

Inspired by their experiences in the Owyhee Canyonlands, the group made a pact to become advocates for both the environment and the cause of racial justice. They organized community workshops, wrote articles and op-eds, and spoke at public events, using their platform to amplify the voices of those most affected by environmental injustice. They drew inspiration from the land itself, channeling its strength and resilience into their own activism.

And so, the echoes of Owyhee reverberated far beyond the canyon lands, carrying with them a message of hope and resilience. The five black leaders had found their purpose in the wilderness, and in doing so, had become champions for both the planet and their communities. Their journey was far from over, but as they looked out at the vast expanse of the canyon lands, they knew that they were exactly where they needed to be: standing on the brink of a better future, united in their commitment to create a world where both the environment and Black lives are valued, protected, and celebrated.


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